You’ll always find something you’re passionate about selling.

GR8 Retail

Always have someone to talk to – retail is your ideal career path!

Rewarding, flexible and with plenty of career progression, the Retail industry in the Channel Islands is unique. Tourists ensure business is always stable and the broad mix of independent sellers and major outlets mean you’ll always find something you’re passionate about selling.

Join an authentic Farmer’s Market or work your way up in an exclusive boutique – the brilliant blue sky is your limit.

Curious about a career in Retail?

Here are 3 top reasons why you should consider it:

1) Always have someone to talk to – if you’re a people person, retail is your ideal career path. You’ll never be stuck behind a screen all day and will always have the interaction you crave, with customers and colleagues.

2) You’ll always be in motion – retail jobs keep you moving and constantly stimulated, in different environments, with different products and different people. If you’re someone who loves to keep things fresh and exciting, you’ll thrive in a retail environment.

3) Join one of the biggest employment sectors – retail workers are always in demand because people will always need to buy products and services. Extend your skills and experience and you’ll also be able to move around freely and flexibly, enjoying different working environments and locations.


The Retail industry in the Channel Islands is thriving!

Change your scenery and transform your career.

Secure one of our great roles in Retail and settle here in the Channel Islands to experience a unique way of life.

With GR8 Recruitment, we help you feel like you really belong – we appreciate your unique skills and help you develop them for maximum success and enjoyment.

Why GR8?

At GR8 Recruitment, we believe in greatness.

GR8 was born out of a dream to just do things better in the recruitment sector. And where better to do that than on the Island of Jersey, where life is just better?

We work with the best Retailers in Jersey who demand the best people.

GR8 pride ourselves not only on placing the best people with the best Retailers so that they can go on to achieve great things, but also going a step further providing support to our people throughout their career as part of the GR8 family.

Let us help you take your career to the next level.

Don’t settle for a good job, get a GR8 one.

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When you join GR8, we’re with you every step of the way, supporting, training and encouraging you to achieve everything you aspire to in the Retail industry.

We’ll take care of the necessary requirements to get you skilled up, certified in-line with regulations and ready to get to work.

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