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Our Services & Colleagues

At GR8 we offer a range of employment solutions from temporary staff which we can run through our payroll service, to permanent placements and employment checks should you require this service. We remain committed to delivering the right solution at the right time for our clients.

We have over 1000 registered candidates who are experienced and commited to doing a great job in a variety of roles from Chefs and Duty Mangers to General Operatives and Site Managers.

Our global reach includes the esteemed Kenya Utalii College in Nairobi and also the Varna Institute of Management in Varna, Bulgaria. We work with their professionals to enable the Channel Islands’ hospitality industry access to the highest calibre candidates, who can really add to their team dynamic.

gR8 Construction Staff

From site managers to skilled and manual labour, GR8 provides Jersey’s leading construction companies with highly-skilled, reliable and hardworking construction staff, working on many of Jersey’s landmark construction projects. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best construction talent in the Channel Islands, and in taking care of our construction staff as part of the GR8 family.

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Meet one our construction team as Lee Madden, our managing director, visits the ROK Construction Hue Court site and talks to Carlos, a long standing employee, about what it’s like being part of the GR8 family.

kenya Utalii College

Jersey and Guernsey have a long history of welcoming Kenyan Hospitality employees to work amongst our thriving industries and 2019 / 2020 saw us travel out to the Utalii College to meet with their candidates and faculty. Following an exciting interview process of over 200 Alumni, we were then able to add those of the most exceptional level to our bank of experienced candidates. These candidates have already submitted the required documents needed for Work Permits, so are ready and waiting for a business to discuss opportunities now!

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Agatha Ongamo secured a fantastic role at Liberty Apartments in Jersey for a 9 month period to add to her experience and skillset. Watch her video to find out about her experience!


Our EU market is also an excellent resource for employers, due to location and speed of travel. They have an excellent range of skills and a thriving industry which provides a strong experience setting. In 2019 / 2020 GR8 travelled over to meet with the Director of the Culinary Arts programme at the Institute of Management, Varna University. The standard of Chefs there are exceptional with a keen attention to detail, fabulous food production and a strong work ethic. They are looking to further develop their skills in the Channel Islands for a Season!

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Hughues Boutin, the Programme Diurector of the Culinary Arts programme speaks here about his experience with GR8.

GR8 Client Testimonials

Charity Testimonials

“Lee is a star, always supportive and always willing to assist wherever he can with the charity events I have run over the years. In particular his generosity and support for the Combined Services Military Ball has been amazing. This together with his surprise donation he announced on Saturday, through his amazing company GR8 and the work they are doing to assist Jersey through this unprecedented time of Covid19, is nothing short of inspiring.”

Head of Business Development, Sales & Events - The Royal Yacht Hotel.